RIP VAN WINKLE, 2014-15 Season



Three Wishes on a Magic Fish


Audience: Age 10 & under

Length: 50 minutes

Includes Workshop: Yes

Also available for:

· Events

· Daycare Centers

· Pre-schools

· Moms' Groups

· Birthday Parties


Bits 'N Pieces PuppetWorld™ 2011-12 Season




Once there was a miller who loved to brag about his beautiful daughter. The King overheard him saying his daughter was so gifted she could spin straw into gold. The King immediately promised the miller his daughter could marry the Prince ... IF she could really spin gold. But if the miller was telling lies, he would die.

Of course the young girl could not spin gold from straw, no human could do that, but magically a little man appeared. He promised he would spin the gold for her if she would promise her first-born child to him. Foolishly, the girl agreed and the gold was spun.

The fancy wedding of the miller's daughter and the Prince was soon followed by the birth of their first-born child. The little man appeared again to claim his prize. He issued a challenge: “Unless you can guess my name, the child is mine forever more!” Will the Prince discover the little man's name and save the day? Find out what happens in the newest PuppetWorld production, Rumpelstiltskin!

Every show includes our fun-filled Make-and-Take a Puppet Workshop after the show. Performances at PuppetWorld Playhouse include a behind-the-scenes tour of the Bits 'N Pieces puppet-building studio where you can roam among the GIANT puppets.

Please call (813) 659-0659 for information.    

Can't make it to PuppetWorld? Let us bring a PuppetWorld show to you! Save time and gas by booking Three Wishes at your event. Call (813) 659-0659 for more information!


DOWNLOAD the Activity Guide (PDF file) for RUMPELSTILTSKIN!

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